Goodbye Reps. Goodbye Callbacks.

Xpress Revolutionizes the Way Doctors
Get Prescription Information & Resources

We customize pharmaceutical information and resources for doctors on their terms, enabling smarter and more efficient prescription decisions.

See the Bigger Picture

Everything clinicians need, when and how they need it.

  • Prescription Resources
  • Formulary Copays
  • Clinical Decision Support

Foster Patient Engagement

Doctor and patient see all drugs on formulary, plus copays and support resources, enabling collaborative decision making.

Workflow Efficiency

Xpress eliminates the need for labor-intensive research to identify drugs on formulary, as well as the back-and-forth with patients and pharmacies.

Doctor-driven Resource Requests

Doctors request drug samples, coupons and patient education materials digitally, eliminating drug rep interruptions.

Xpress takes the drug rep interruption out of the clinic and replaces it with targeted information customized to my patient’s disease state and individual formulary and benefits. It does this while the patient is in my office, so we can see approved drugs and copays, and decide together what works best for their health needs and finances. - Kelly Wirfl, M.D.