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Many aspects of our healthcare system disempower doctors. Xpress puts power where it belongs, into the hands we trust the most, our doctors.
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Healthcare Systems

Xpress learns what healthcare providers want and need to better treat patients. We empower institutions and pharmaceutical companies to provide resources specifically tailored to doctor requests.
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Xpress is the new interface that delivers fast, accurate data about what healthcare providers want and creates the mechanism for pharmaceutical companies to respond responsibly.

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Dr Driven

Doctors Want Change - Proof of Concept

In our last proof of concept, we had more than 650 provider interactions. Selected results below.

I am unhappy with the resources I get now and how I get them

I’d like to be able to request samples and resources through Xpress

Healthcare Systems

Xpress is a powerful new tool for interacting with healthcare providers.

Xpress was designed by and for healthcare providers. In our early testing we discovered that 67% of healthcare providers want a new way to get information and product resources. Xpress is the new way.



Xpress makes sense for Pharmaceutical Companies

Xpress puts healthcare providers and patients in charge of the relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve worked extensively with doctors and big pharma to create a perfect solution to transform the current model.

Xpress creates a new relationship between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Xpress interacts with physicians on their terms while offering information and resources in a manner that is both expedient and appealing. Xpress connects physicians with the resources and information they want and need.