Xpress was founded in 2013 because 
pharmaceutical and insurance companies currently control how and when doctors get the resources they need to make effective pharmaceutical decisions. The current model falls short, and causes more problems than it solves, but healthcare providers and patients still need resources and information from the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma also needs reliable and valid feedback.  

Xpress’ dynamic platform empowers healthcare providers, patients and institutions, and helps them to get what they want and need from pharma and beyond.The platform digitally consolidates all pharmaceutical information available for a specific disease state and merges this data with a patient’s individual formulary and benefits/co-pays information, while the patient is in-office.It also allows doctors to directly request from pharmaceutical companies only the drug samples, coupons and educational materials they want and need, eliminating drug rep interruptions.

By giving physicians access to the pharmaceutical information and resources they need (on their own terms), Xpress:

  • Enables doctors to make more effective drug therapy choices with their patients to improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Increases office efficiencies by eliminating unwanted drug rep interruptions and streamlining administrative processes
  • Gives doctors the control to decide what drug information and resources they need

To enable smarter and more efficient pharmaceutical decision-making in order to advance the patient experience and outcomes.

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